Apple, Microsoft and Amazon moves against the epidemic!


Major technology companies continue to tighten their measures against the Corona virus pandemic. Since the first day of the epidemic, we have been seeing the moves of giant technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. We witness that companies are increasing their work and providing financial support against Pandemic. Here are the moves of technology giants against the epidemic!

Moves of technology giants against the epidemic
Amazon has increased donations for medical equipment and personal protective equipment for Apple and Microsoft healthcare professionals. In addition, support is provided by companies to help analyze software to track the global spread of the infection. Apple, Microsoft and Amazon moves against the Corona virus prevent the outbreak from spreading to thousands of people.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote on Twitter that the company is trying to supply the necessary supplies for healthcare workers in the US and Europe, and the company will produce millions of masks to support this area. In addition, a $ 15 million donation was made by the company.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, said that prioritization in storage and logistics operations has been changed as he wrote on the new company’s blog page.

In this context, Amazon’s new policy, which now focuses on basic products including daily household staples, babies and medical supplies, covers the steps taken against the spread of the Corona virus. As you know, the company plans to hire 100 thousand new employees.

Amazon, which plans to deliver the materials that are in trouble at the global supply point to faster users, also states that it is trying to overcome the crisis with the least damage.

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella published a post on his professional business network LinkedIn account, talking about the company’s policies.

Stating that special software for corona virus (COVID-19) is being studied and a special fund has been allocated to this area, Nadella stated that Microsoft has brought chatbot technology to COVID-19 to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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