Apple May Launch Steering Wheel Autonomous Car in 2025


Apple: Project Titan, which is the division of Apple responsible for building an autonomous and electric car, gained new details after a few months without rumors about it. The project is still at a very early stage of development, but a Bloomberg report indicates that an important step has been taken.

According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple has completed much of the “basic work” on the processor responsible for the future vehicle’s autonomous functions. With plans being accelerated, the forecast is now to launch by 2025.

The engineering team responsible for the chip is the same that develops the company’s current device processors, yet without directly involving the team focused solely on creating the car.

What to expect from the Apple car?

According to the report, the idea is that the car does not even need to have pedals and a steering wheel, with the steering being fully controlled by an automatic steering system.

Even so, the car will be quite spacious and may have an entertainment system with a screen in the center of the car, so that all passengers have access to a display that will likely be the size of an iPad screen. Integration with Apple’s ecosystem of apps and services is also expected.


However, a partnership with an automaker has yet to be made — the alliance with the South Korean Hyundai was the closest so far, but the negotiations did not materialize. The company is also hiring engineers to help with driving and safety tests.

Apple has yet to decide whether it will launch a consumer product or focus on vehicle fleets for transportation, as a sort of competitor to services like Uber.