Apple may launch search service to compete with Google


Apple may be working on its own search service to rival Google. According to a report published by the Coywolf website last Thursday (27), a series of indications point to the possibility that the company will try something similar to Microsoft’s Bing.

The increase in the hiring of search engine specialists last year and the use of Spotlight, Apple’s search engine, for searches via Siri strengthen the bet. The website, however, considers that, although all signs point to this possibility, there is no way to guarantee that an apple search engine will be launched in the future.

Among the signs that the site lists as indicators, is the growing increase in Applebot activity. The robot is an Internet crawler – a type of robot that accesses millions of pages and indexes its content for reference – much like the ones used by Google. According to the vehicle, developers around the world have observed an increasing volume of accesses on their websites by Applebot.

The entire effort of the Apple robot would have the function of creating references for the future search engine to present relevant results. As indexing content is essential to generate search results, some people associate this activity of Applebor with the development of the search engine to rival Google.

Other evidence listed by the website is a history of hiring professionals and engineers specialized in search engines and algorithms and the fact that, in practice, Apple already has a search engine. Spotlight, a feature used for searches within macOS and iOS, is a search engine that could be adapted for use on the Internet.

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