Apple may launch MacBook Air with new M1 chip


Apple may launch a new MacBook Air notebook in 2021, according to Bloomberg news agency. The publication’s sources indicate that the company is working on a new notebook that should be lighter, thinner and will bring the new generation of the M1 chip.

In addition to being more portable, the new MacBook Air must also support the MagSafe standard. Induction charging technology has made its return to the market with the iPhone 12 line and can be implemented in future Apple notebooks.

The big news, however, should be due to the next processor based on the Apple Silicon architecture. The ARM-based computer chip M1 is still gaining ground in the market, but it is already impressive for its performance.

According to speculation, the manufacturer is working on several chips based on Apple Silicon and the new MacBook is expected to bring a high-performance variant. Still, the company is supposed to keep the original Apple M1 on the market as an entry-level solution.

While Apple has yet to comment on the possible launch of a new MacBook Air, the company has already confirmed that it will continue to invest heavily in its own chips. The company plans to stop using Intel processors on its PCs by 2022.

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