Apple may launch M1X with major improvements in CPU


Apple is expected to launch in the second half of the year the successor to its first computer ARM chip, the M1, and the alleged specifications for the brand’s next processor have already leaked. According to details shared on the CPU Monkey website, the component will be called M1X and can bring major evolutions of CPU and GPU, ensuring even more fierce competition against Intel and AMD.

The information indicates that the M1X will reach the market with 12 cores of up to 3.20 GHz, leaving aside the octa-core design of the first chip made with Apple Silicon. According to CPU Monkey, the new component will have eight cores focused on performance, which is codenamed “Firestorm”, and another four for energy efficiency, focused on basic tasks, called “Ice Storm”.

Apple should also add support for up to 32GB of RAM on the Apple M1X. The extra amount of memory should guarantee extra power for heavier functions and should work well with the new GPU that will be present on the chip.

Twice as much graphics performance

The Apple M1X can bring a GPU with 16 cores, double what we currently have on the M1. In addition, the graphics chip can also have 256 computational units, guaranteeing up to twice as much power in visual processing jobs.

The considerable hardware upgrade should ensure extra performance for heavier functions, such as image rendering, and even for PC games, a segment where Apple is still behind competitors. However, all this power also has a disadvantage.

Higher consumption

With considerable performance gains, the trend is that the M1X also uses more energy. According to estimates, the chip may have a base TDP of 35W, with the value rising to up to 45W at higher workloads, coming close to more powerful Intel chips for notebooks. In comparison, the M1 normally operates at up to 15W.