Apple may launch its own search engine


According to a report by Coywolf, Apple may be working on developing its own search engine in order to abandon Google’s service. The main reason for the company to invest time and money in a search engine, even with great options in the market, would be the privacy of its users.

According to the report, Apple is already hiring engineers specialized in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other recent technologies, to increase its applications and services. The company is also keeping its web page crawler, Applebot, running at full throttle.

In addition, Spotlight (search engine for Apple systems) no longer shows Google search results on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Until version 13 of these OSs, Spotlight returns online searches with Google results, which can open in Safari. Spotlight now shows direct links to websites related to the search term.

My users, my rules

Apple tends to keep its platform tightly closed, offering applications and services developed by the company itself, instead of maintaining “eternal” partnerships with third-party companies.

It really doesn’t make sense to have such a complete ecosystem and share your users’ data with a giant company like Google, solely and simply because of an online search engine. Incidentally, the current partnership between the two companies makes Google a lot of money every year, and it may still be terminated due to U.S. market competition laws.

Therefore, Apple would be interested in “keeping everything at home” when it comes to the data of its users. This type of security and privacy concern is already important today, but it would gain additional weight for Apple users after the launch of a search engine created by the platform they already use.

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