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Apple may launch iMac 2021 with new design


Leaked images revealed the possible design of the 2021 iMac line, which may be launched by Apple during the year. The Front Page Tech channel published a series of renderings showing the supposed look of the new Apple computers, which should arrive with Apple Silicon chips.

According to leak specialist Jon Prosser, who obtained the images, Apple is still working on the design of the new iMacs. The renderings represent prototypes that can become the final version of the products.

The images show the iMac 2021 line with a renewed design, reminiscent of the Pro Display XDR monitor. In addition, the leak points out that computers will be available in colors similar to what we have on the iPad Air, with variants in gray, silver, green, blue and rose gold.

New Mac Pro Mini

Jon Prosser also revealed an image that would be of a new “Mac Pro Mini”. The device is supposed to be a miniature computer that looks like three pasted Mac Mini units.

Apple did not comment on the matter and all details are to be considered rumors. On the other hand, some previous rumors pointed out that Apple may adopt some changes in the look of its computers.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is due to launch two models of the Mac Pro in 2021. While the main version will be an update to the device currently sold, the “mini” version would have a considerably more compact design and a proprietary chip from the brand.

According to speculation, Apple will launch a computer chip in the second half of the year that is expected to bring huge performance gains over the Apple M1. Called the M1X rumors, the performance-focused component can appear on both the new iMacs and the Mac Pro Mini.



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