Apple May Hire Meta’s Oculus Expert For Their Own Headset


Apple may hire the director of communications, augmented reality, and research at Meta’s Reality Labs. Released in Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, the news comes at a time when rumors about the company’s alleged augmented reality (AR) headset reach a boiling point in specialist publications.

According to the journalist, “Meta, with Oculus, has been the market leader in headsets, so such hiring makes perfect sense as Apple approaches its launch.” If, for Apple, Schubert represents an important acquisition, for Meta, where it has been working since 2016, it could mean a great loss, as it is an expert in Oculus, precisely the gateway to the metaverse.

When will the Apple AR headset be launched?

Every moment there is a new rumor about the Apple headset. One of them recently speculated that the device would arrive coupled to a second device, such as an iPhone or a Mac computer. Others talk about a fully autonomous device with dual 8k resolution screens, while Gurman himself has his personal bet, which indicates that the new device will play “high quality virtual reality games”.

In any case, the main sources agree on a date in 2022 or 2023. As the product is still unheard of in Apple’s world, the company will need a massive information campaign, not only educational, but preparatory to new brand strategies. In this case, the hiring of the director of public relations and the main authority on the matter within Meta could be an indication that the company’s headset may be nearby.