Apple may have to remove Telegram from App Store


The non-profit organization Coalition for a Safer Web, which works in search of a “safer internet”, filed a lawsuit against Apple in the United States, demanding the immediate removal of Telegram from the App Store.

As The Washington Post reported on Sunday (17), the group claims that Apple is taking no steps to moderate communications made through the messenger, facilitating the actions of extremist and hate groups on the platform, such as those responsible for the attack. to the US Capitol, which took place on the 6th.

In the California court case, the organization says the messaging app has been used by Donald Trump supporters to coordinate and incite acts of violence on the date of Joe Biden’s inauguration, scheduled for next Wednesday (20) , in addition to mentioning a large presence of racist and anti-Semitic groups acting freely in the service.

Also according to the Coalition for a Safer Web, the Cupertino giant should have already applied to Telegram the same restrictions imposed on the social network Parler, whose app was removed from the official iOS store due to the lack of moderation of content promoting violence. Despite the various reports received, the company has yet to take any action.

Companies have not yet commented

For now, it is unclear how the iPhone owner will view this process and whether she will see the increased circulation of extremist content in the messenger as a violation of App Store policies, since Telegram is not an open social network like the Parler.

In addition to the ban on new messenger downloads until it is aligned with the app store’s terms of use, the group is asking for unspecified compensatory damages.

Both Apple and Telegram have yet to comment.


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