Apple May Have Problems With iPhone 13 Falling In Demand


Apple: A few months ago, Apple’s goal was to manufacture 90 million iPhone 13 units, but it seems that demand will not be the same as the company imagined. According to information from the website Bloomberg, the company is having problems related to the supply of components for cell phones.

According to the information, Apple has started sending messages to iPhone 13 parts suppliers, saying that it will decrease the production of devices and, therefore, will not order as many units as expected.

Lack of demand and supply

In October, Apple had already cut part of the smartphone’s production, reducing it to 80 million units produced. However, the number could be even smaller if demand doesn’t increase — the company typically assembles 75 million units for each iPhone launch.

Before even finding out about the drop in demand, Apple was already suffering from problems related to the supply of components. Even some time ago, providers Broadcom and Texas Instrument warned that they would not be able to deliver all the orders.

The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, said the global semiconductor crisis and pandemic impacted the company’s quarterly earnings by $6 billion. Even so, market analysts estimate that the company’s sales should increase by up to 6% in the end-of-year period.