Apple may discontinue iPhones 11 Pro and XR


September is the month when the series of iPhones 12 should hit the market, but also mark the end of three models of Apple phones: the iPhones 11 Pro and Pro Max, in addition to the iPhone XR The information came from the user @iAppleTimes, who still advanced a cut in the prices of devices that will no longer be manufactured.

The user does not have a history of leaks about the American manufacturer, so the information should be taken with caution – although it makes sense, since Apple has no remorse for killing its old models while launching new ones on the market.

The discontinuity of the XR is sad because the cell phone is a kind of “ugly duckling” from Apple. If, in November 2018, the American giant asked its main automakers (Foxconn and Pegatron) to suspend plans for additional assembly lines, signaling a disappointing demand for the then-launched phone, Christmas sales raised the iPhone XR to the most popular U.S. post in 2018.

Time to change cell phone

For those who have a cell phone prior to the iPhone 11, it is worth keeping an eye on the news to see if it proceeds (wait before passing on your old model). This is because, with the discontinuity of Pro series 11 models realized, prices are expected to drop quickly.

You won’t be able to buy the device at Apple stores, but it can be found at other retailers until stocks are exhausted – and second-hand ones will remain.

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The discontinuity of the devices does not mean that they will no longer be updated, but that Apple will no longer manufacture the model, focusing on the production lines of line 12 – which, it is speculated, should reach the market in four different models. . Wait to find out about the features (and prices) of the new series and the fate of your predecessor to decide what to buy and when.


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