Apple may delay iPhone 12 Series for a few months from the coronavirus face


According to a claim about technology giant Apple, the company is holding meetings to delay iPhone 12 for a few months. The main factor that will cause Apple to make such a decision is the supply chain damaged by the coronavirus.

Although it has been a long time since the US technology giant Apple introduced the 2020 model iPhones, it seems that the coronavirus will deal a heavy blow to Apple. The iPhone 12 series, which is expected to be introduced in September under normal conditions, may not be promoted on the expected date if things do not return immediately.

This year was going to be a very important year especially for Apple because the company will very likely bring 5G connectivity support to their devices. However, Apple, like any company, will be forced to act outside its plans because of an alleged coronavirus outbreak.

Apple may have to postpone the iPhone 12 series for several months:
According to a report by Nikkei, Apple plans to postpone the iPhone 12 series it will introduce this year. The reason for such a procrastination is clear as the face of the day: The company may have difficulties in developing the product due to the coronavirus epidemic and may not receive the desired demand.

The US company has held many meetings within its body to delay the new iPhone 12 series for several months, according to allegations. According to the same claims, the company’s supply chains are quite difficult. Therefore, Apple can take measures such as delaying the iPhone 12 for a few months.

According to Gizchina’s report, Apple continues to closely monitor the coronavirus epidemic in the US and Europe, its two largest markets. However, the company suspects that the situation may ignore customers’ requests to upgrade their smartphones.

We can say that these claims made for Apple are quite realistic. While the whole world has collapsed economically due to the coronavirus, Apple has no guarantee that things will go well. Of course, if this happens, Apple cannot achieve great success on the first 5G smartphones.

On the other hand, we can expect to receive the same news from many other technology companies such as Apple. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, Huawei has successfully introduced the P40 series today, but it is difficult to predict what the global impact the virus will have in the future and how companies will be affected.