Apple May Build Movie Studio in Los Angeles


Apple is looking for land in the Los Angeles area, in the US state of California, to build an exclusive studio. According to The Wall Street Journal, the objective is to set up a space for recording scenes from movies and series that are part of the catalog of the streaming platform Apple TV+.

According to the report, realtors in the region would already be looking for possible interested in selling spaces to the Apple, which appointed the executive Mike Mosallam as responsible for this type of negotiation. The brand wants a lot with approximately 46,000 m², which would allow the construction of a reasonable amount of its own sets and expansion in the production of content.

For now, the company only maintains a few sound studios in Los Angeles and other parts of the world, but it does not have its own space for filming — which causes some production delays and raises the costs of each project. Recently, rumors suggested that Apple could acquire independent studio A24, already a partner of the company, to expand the catalog and absorb talent and possessions.