Apple may bring more powerful batteries to iPhones 13


Responsible for some of the most anticipated devices of 2021, according to the investor Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may bring bigger and more powerful batteries for the novelties it prepares for this year, thus surpassing those found in the previous generation, points out the TechRadar. Despite the bet, made by someone who usually offers “hot” information, there is no guarantee that this will, in fact, occur.

Also according to Ming-Chi, such improvement will be made possible by the space saved with several other components. In addition, the launches will be slightly heavier than the iPhone 12 and others in the line, and there will be integration of the SIM card slot with the motherboard, which will reduce the thickness of front optical modules, for example.

It is worth noting that there are chances that it does not refer to the iPhone 13 family, but to a hypothetical iPhone 12S.

Welcome change

Optimized autonomy is not one of the characteristics by which Apple smartphones are recognized by the public. Therefore, the decision, if confirmed, has the potential to please those who prioritize functionality, in addition to increasing the company’s competitiveness in the market.

Finally, rumors indicate that the Apple company will hold an event on March 23, in which, it is expected, iPad Pro 2021, Apple AirTags and a new Apple TV will be presented. As for unpublished cell phones, well, they are not expected to appear until September or later. We’ll keep an eye out, anyway.


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