Apple may be preparing major redesign for iMac line


This Friday (15) Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, revealed that Apple would be working on a major redesign of its line of iMacs. With the change, the devices should gain a more modern appearance and similar to the Pro Display XDR screens, also from Apple, abandoning the wide edges and curved bottom of the old style. For high performance, the company would also be preparing two new Mac Pro models, with a variant with a renewed design.

Part of the possible renewal of the Mac Pro line does not keep many secrets and was expected, however, Apple still seems to prepare some surprises. Gurman says that one of the models will have a new Intel processor and will maintain the same design as its previous version, while the other model will be more compact and accompanied by an Apple Silicon processor – like the recently launched M1. The rumor about the new Mac Pro variant is reminiscent of the old Power Mac G4 Cube, as commented on the Engadget website.

According to Gurman, in addition to these new features, Apple would also be developing a new, more affordable monitor to accompany the powerful Pro Display XDR. The model would be a resumption of the company for the market aimed at consumers outside a niche, something that has not occurred since 2016 with the discontinuation of Thunderbolt monitors. Thus, it is expected that the new cheaper model will not have the same quality offered by its older brother.


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