Apple May Be Banned From Importing The Watch Series 6 Into The US


Apple: Masimo filed a new lawsuit against Apple in the United States, this Thursday (30). Now, the medical technology company has asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban the Apple Watch Series 6 from being imported into the country.

According to Masimo, the smart watch’s oximeter technology would have been copied from her projects. She claims infringement of five patents on devices that use light to detect the level of oxygen in the blood, an essential resource for her business.

“Apple heavily markets this feature in the Watch Series 6 to give the watch the appearance of a medical device,” the company said in the lawsuit. Despite this, Apple “warns users that function measurements should not be considered for medical purposes,” continued the plaintiff.

Based on the latest information, the owner of the technology asked for a ban on the import of the smartwatch to the American market, as the watch’s pulse oximetry would not work like that of a medical device. The company understands that the public will not be affected by the device ban.

Trade secret theft

In the previous lawsuit, launched in 2020, Massimo accused Apple of stealing trade secrets and violating patents. In addition, he said the Cupertino giant would be trying to delay the dispute in court while increasing Watch sales.

The case is under review by the US Patent and Trademark Office and has no deadline for completion. Despite denying the allegations, Apple may settle with the medical company and pay it royalties of $50 million to $300 million annually, according to Bloomberg.

Regarding the new action, which must be completed by the ITC between 15 and 18 months, the owner of the iPhone has not yet commented.


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