Apple Market Value: Here Is The Astonishing Figure!


Apple, the most valuable company in the world, is astonishing with its market value. Here is the value of the Apple and the amount of money in its safe.

Apple, one of the most valuable companies in the world, is astonishing with its market value. The company, which added value instead of shrinking during the pandemic period, holds a very difficult record to break these days.

So how much money does the company, whose value is measured not in billions, but in trillions of dollars, is in its vault? What is the value of Apple stock? Here are those numbers that are astonishing.

What is Apple’s market value?

Founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronal Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, Apple is one of the most established companies in the history of technology. The company, which entered our lives in the period when personal computers became widespread, attracted attention with the products offered to the end consumers for many years.

However, after a few successful years, when the calendar showed 1985, Steve Jobs had some problems with the company management and was dismissed from the company. The US technology giant, which had a difficult time after the departure of Steve Jobs, came back from the brink of bankruptcy for a while.

Struggling with difficulties until the mid-90s, the company entered the wind of change with the return of Steve Jobs. The company, which got rid of unnecessary projects first, upset the market with products such as MacBook, iMac, iPod and iPhone. Filling its coffers with high-profit products, the company almost single-handedly dominated the high-end expensive technology market. Apple market value, which has increased exponentially over time, exceeded 1 trillion dollars in 2018.

Apple, the first private company to pass the 1 trillion dollar threshold, was not satisfied with it. The US technology giant, which has continued to rise in the past three years, has finally surpassed Saudi Arabia’s national oil company Aramco. Thus, the current market value of Apple, the most valuable company in the world, is approximately $2.08 trillion.

By comparison, Facebook, the world’s largest and most valuable social media company with $528 billion, is worth only a quarter of Apple’s. Another astonishing event is the amount of money in the Apple safe.

How much money is in the company’s safe?

According to the latest data, Apple has $256 billion in cash in its vault. The company, which keeps most of its money in foreign accounts due to taxation problems, is richer than many countries in the world. The company, which has been under pressure from shareholders for new acquisitions for a long time, does not make a new purchase despite all requests.

The Apple, whose shares are currently trading at $ 124, has almost doubled the difference with the same period of last year. Where this growth will reach and whether there is a limit remains a mystery for now.


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