Apple Maps Will Help You Find Where to Park or Refuel With Its New Function


Apple Maps: Everyone is clear that mobile phones have changed the way of understanding life. With them you can work, take photos or even go to a place that you want to visit. The latter has become a very important function that any user needs to locate on a map. For these situations, Apple puts Apple Maps at the service of its users, a function that finally receives the ability to choose important points as stops on your trip.

New stops in Apple Maps

In Cupertino they are looking for a way to compete against the queen app of the segment that is Google Maps. But this does not mean that little by little it will catch up with it and eventually become the favorite cartographic app for fans of the bitten apple. One of those changes has to do with the new stops that the app incorporates to place them on the road.

The new function will be used by moving up the drop-down part at the bottom of the screen. Here you will find many options, but you must click on the option ‘Add stop’, as long as you are en route, to access all the options. Among them you will have parking points, gas stations, banks, cafes or fast food restaurants among others.

But this does not end here, since you will only activate the filter of the nearby positions with the chosen filter. For this reason, all the places with these characteristics that are around you will appear and it will be you who decides to make it convenient. Of course, the results will appear in order of proximity, so either you know one in the area before and want to go where it is further away or you choose the one that best suits your route. Once the stop has been selected, you must click on the ‘go’ button that will indicate how many minutes you have until the arrival of the stop, although you can also press its smaller version to avoid seeing the details of the place where Maps suggests you stop on your way.

A novelty in iOS 14.5

This novelty that will help you find and place different stops with important points on the map arrives in iOS 14.5. The new version for the operating system brings other important new features for Maps, such as the new reports within a route. This feature, inherited from other applications such as Waze, will help you notify other users of the appearance of problems on the road if they take the same one as you.