Apple Maps will be more detailed! New feature


At the WWDC 2020 event held last month, we learned that the Apple Maps application will be more detailed in several countries. These elaborate innovations are based on LiDAR technology; A more detailed map experience has been made available to users in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

The feature available to the US is slowly spreading around the world. Everyone living in the regions where the service is available cannot benefit from this feature for now.

Apple Maps will be more detailed with LiDAR

Camera vehicles with Apple’s LiDAR technology have started trials in three more countries. The fact that the vehicles can shoot in more detail thanks to the new technology provides great benefits to the navigation data. Details are quite high in the map sections where LiDAR technology is used.

At the WWDC 2020 event, we learned that this feature will become widespread in 2021, Apple has made the feature available for some users by holding his hand quickly.

apple haritalar daha ayrıntılı olacak

As you can see in the sample image, parks, airports, forests, areas covered by construction are shown in colors.

Google Maps, the biggest competitor of Apple Maps, does not have such a feature. This makes the Apple Maps app more detailed. Although these detailed innovations may seem beneficial for some, they are seen as “if not possible” for some.

This feature will be good for those who want to blend in a little green, as it shows the size of the forests better. We will see the usage areas of LiDAR technology better over the years.


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