Apple Maps now shows speed cameras in Brazil


Apple Maps started to show the location of speed cameras in the Brazilian territory. Apparently, the new feature was implemented on the company’s servers last weekend, since there is no need to update the application to use it.

The speed cameras are indicated by a yellow icon with a camera design, referring to the shape of the traffic signs. Unfortunately, the feature is only visible when the user traces a route.

So far, the service does not report on the approach of a radar, let alone if the speed is above the allowed – which would be interesting to implement in a future update. But the good news is that iPhone and CarPlay users can now access it.

Feature in testing phase

Although it is already available to Brazilians, the novelty is in the testing phase and seems to use an old or incomplete database, since some cities still do not display the radars. It should be noted that Apple only officially announced the novelty in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

But, as indicated by the iCulture and Consomac sites, users from Australia, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Sweden have started to be notified about radars in recent days – a fact that indicates an expansion of the feature.

Running after injury

The novelty is part of a series of novelties that Apple has launched for Maps, with the aim of competing with competing apps. However, with regard to the display of radars, the Apple comes a long way behind, since Google Maps has already offered this possibility since 2019.

In addition to other changes, the company is also considering implementing notifications to report traffic accidents. Now it remains to be seen whether, with the recent investments, the application is able to attract the attention of users.


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