Apple makes Shazam more important with iOS 14.2


Apple acquired the music recognition service Shazam in 2018 and is now integrating it into iOS in another remarkable way. Thanks to the new Music Recognition feature, it will be able to recognize the tracks playing around you or the music playing in your applications. It will even be good at identifying the music you listen to with your headphones.

The new feature will work with a button inside the Control Center, but iOS 14.2 beta is required to see how it works. This button looks like the Shazam icon, and you just have to click it to get your iPhone to start listening to the music playing.

You can already use Siri to listen to songs with Shazam and find the tracks playing around you. However, it will be very useful to determine the music played within the applications. This way, you can easily determine who owns the music used in a TikTok, Instagram or YouTube video.

Interestingly, users of the Android version of Shazam have been able to determine what and to whom the tracks played through the headphones since June 2019. It is not known why this feature came to iOS more than a year later.

We are not entirely sure when the final version of iOS 14.2, which includes this new feature, will arrive. Considering that iOS 14 has just been released, users may have to wait a little longer. Moreover, the release of this feature, which is available as beta, can be postponed to a later version. However, new iPhones are expected to be released in October. With their release, it is thought that iOS 14.1 will come installed on these devices. This may put the iOS 14.2 release a little later.


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