Apple Made Developer Account Free In Some Countries


Apple wants those who want to develop apps for iOS, iPadOS and macOS and publish them on the App Store to open a developer account. Apple has made its developer account available for $ 99 a year free in some countries.

Software developers developing applications for iOS, iPadOS and macOS need to use the App Store to bring their apps together. Apple wants programmers who want to install apps on the App Store to receive membership for an annual fee of $ 99.

Apple developer account with an annual fee of $ 99 has been made free by Apple in some countries for free applications. Apple developer account in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, UK and USA is now free.

Apple does not offer its developer account to all users for free, for applications that will be released for free. The document, published by Apple, states that companies, schools and government agencies that will offer free applications can receive a free developer account. Personal developers will not be able to benefit from free developer accounts even if they will publish free apps.

To take advantage of Apple’s free developer account, simply sign up for a new membership and select the waiver option. Apple requests a tax number or national ID number to review the accuracy of the applications.

The submitted application is approved after being reviewed by Apple. Schools, government agencies, and companies that publish free apps, who have previously received annual membership for a fee, can benefit from a free developer account if they apply.

Apple will remove developers who join the free developer account program but then release paid apps or games, place in-app purchases on the app or game, and charge an annual membership fee.

The new program that Apple has put into practice will pave the way for application development for Apple devices in schools and government institutions. Free Turkey was not yet included in the program developer account.


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