Apple Made $ 100 Million Profit From Fortnite, Reveals Executive


Apple: An Apple executive revealed last Wednesday (19) that the company made $ 100 million (about R $ 529 million at current price) from commissions in the two years that Fortnite was on the App Store.

According to Reuters, the revelation was made by Michael Schmid, head of Business Development at Apple Games. The matter was dealt with during the three-week trial that brought Apple and Epic Games face to face.

Previously, the owner of the iPhone had previously disclosed that the Fortnite developer had profited about $ 700 million (approximately R $ 3.7 billion) from the iOS version of the game.

Disclosure of the commission obtained from the game was important because previously Apple executives had denied that profits from the App Store were tracked. This information was discovered by Epic’s lawyers, who had access to documents from Tim Cook’s file that showed the tracking of operating profits with the online store.

At the hearing, Schmid defended himself on the subject saying that, in fact, commissions earned from Fortnite only started to count after the title was highlighted by the Editorial Team of the App Store, which curates the apps.

The head of Business Development at Games also revealed that the relationship between the two companies was already good. In addition to Fortnite starting to be featured on the App Store, about $ 1 million (about R $ 5 million) was spent by Apple on game marketing.

Giant fight

The “bullshit” between the giants began after Fortnite was banned from the App Store after the game developer offered microtransactions outside the Apple app store. Because of this, the owner of one of the most popular online games accuses Apple of promoting practices that violate market laws.

The process is expected to continue for some time, as the companies even denied a suggestion of an agreement last week. The analyst Mark Gurman believes, however, that the Apple should win the fight.


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