Apple macOS Big Sur to work with M1 processor


Apple introduced the new operating system macOS Big Sur as well as the M1 processor and MacBook models at the event it organized today. macOS Big Sur hosts important features especially for those who want to buy new Macs.

Apple introduced the first MacBook models with this processor along with the new computer chipset M1 at the event it organized today. However, another product introduced by the company was the new version of macOS ‘Big Sur’. The most prominent feature of macOS Big Sur was that it was optimized with the M1 chipset.

Apple has also overhauled its own operating system in order to show the power of the M1 chipset at the highest level. In this way, the company has carried the performance of MacBooks to the highest possible level. The skills that the new MacBooks would gain with macOS Big Sur were good.

What does macOS Big Sur offer?

The macOS Big Sur, which will work in harmony with the M1 chipset, also showed that Apple is not investing only in hardware in terms of performance. The company’s new operating system has significantly increased the running speed of applications that will work with the chipset and the speed of computer startup. So much so that MacBooks can now be opened at the speed of iPhone or iPad.

MacBook models with the new M1 chipset will allow 3 times more effects and instrument plugins to run in Logic Pro with macOS Big Sur. Also, Final Cut Pro will run up to 6 times faster. The new operating system will not only benefit new computers.

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With macOS Big Sur, users will also gain new features in security. Users will get hardware-certified secure boot, automatic high-performance encryption, and macOS execution protections. Now we can come to the most curious place.

Intel-based applications can be run:

Purchasers of Apple’s new MacBooks with M1 chipsets will not have any trouble running Intel-based applications. Because Apple’s Rosetta 2 application will allow these applications to run smoothly on both platforms. Some applications will even work better with Rosetta, according to Apple’s statement.

Perhaps the biggest innovation that the new macOS Big Sur operating system will offer to Apple users will be that all iOS applications can be run directly on the Mac. This will again be possible thanks to the company’s own M1 chipset. Every application that can be installed on iOS can now be installed on the Mac. macOS Big Sur will start airing this Thursday.


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