Apple M1X: new chip specs leak in benchmark


Information about an alleged new chip from Apple was leaked online on a benchmarking platform. According to the report leaked on CPU Monkey, the chip called “M1X” will come with a 12-core CPU, an upgrade over the eight-core CPU on Apple’s first M1- chip, launched in October.

The internal GPU should also have 16 cores, instead of an 8-core GPU on the M1. It is expected to have a frequency of 3.2 GHz and be based on a 5 nanometer architecture, just like its predecessor.

The new chipset is expected to serve the next 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro, in addition to 27 inch iMac devices. Apple is also working on developing other chips with 16- and 32-core graphics processing.

According to CPU Monkey, the specifications are for a “pre-sample” of the “M1X” chip. It was not possible to confirm the authenticity of the information. Apple did not comment on the leak.

First chip

In October last year, Apple announced the launch of the M1 chip, the first processor in the Apple Silicon line, based on the ARM architecture. The company began Intel’s transition to its own chips, with the launch of three Mac devices powered by the M1 chip. The company also reported that several partner brands are preparing universal applications that work on computers based on M1 and Intel. One of these is Adobe, which will start launching apps optimized for the system soon.


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