Apple M1’s Google Chrome performance revealed


Apple, which introduced the new Arm-based processor M1 recently, made a very ambitious entrance to the market. The American technology giant, which abandoned Intel processors, offered a very competitive product in terms of both graphics and processor performance. Moreover, the M1 can deliver this performance even though it falls into the low power consumption class. In the last tests, the speed of Google Chrome has increased significantly with the Apple M1.

The 8-core internal graphics unit in the M1 was also a rival to desktop graphics cards.

Google Chrome speed increases with Apple M1

Although the Apple M1 is a very powerful processor, it is not yet fully compatible with all applications since it is Arm-based. However, recently Google released the compatible version of Chrome for the M1. Now, when you want to download Google Chrome, you will see two different download options, Mac with Intel chip and Mac with Apple chip. However, the required file size for the M1 has increased from 96 MB to 165 MB.

Compared to the non-M1 exclusive version before, Google Chrome was running slower on the M1. However, with the elimination of the compatibility problem, there has been a great increase in speed. Google Chrome runs on average twice as fast with the Apple M1. In the resulting tests, the speed of Safari does not go unnoticed.

The Speedometer 2.0 test by Ars Technica is considered the closest test to normal use. Testing on the Mac Mini has revealed the closest results for the end user.

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