Apple M1 processor Mac Mini introduced!


Apple introduced new MacBook models at its event. In addition to these, the Mac Mini has appeared. With a much faster and compact design, the Mac Mini becomes even faster with the Apple-signed processor M1. Mac Mini features and price:

Mac Mini features and price

Unveiling the Mac Mini with Arm-based Apple M1 processor, this new version of Apple is $ 100 cheaper than the model it launched two years ago, but offers much faster and superior performance.

Mac Mini is designed to be comfortable to use in any environment. The CPU performance is improved by 3 times, so Mac Mini has significant improvements in graphics performance. The device, which offers 6 times faster graphics performance, stands out with its compact design. Apple, which made the Mac Mini 5 times faster, made this device 15 times faster than the previous generation.


The Apple M1 system on a 16 billion transistor-enhanced chip (SoC) combines features such as the CPU, GPU and Neural Engine in a single chip. Promising to offer maximum power with an 8-core CPU, Apple also maintains its iconic 7.7-inch square design.

With 16 core Neural Engine and Machine learning; It provides high performance in video analysis, speech recognition, image processing and more. In addition to the Apple M1, Mac Mini also features macOS Big Sur. Big Sur, which will multiply the power of the Apple M1 processor, welcomes users with powerful updates and a new design for applications. Similarly focusing on security, Apple trusts its software.


On the connection side, you can transfer data at speeds up to 40 Gbps. You can also charge external devices with Mac Mini. An external display that offers a resolution of up to 6K and a second display with HDMI 2.0 that offers a resolution of up to 4K can also be connected to this device.

Another innovation in the Mac mini is Wi-Fi 6. For operations such as high-speed file transfer or backup to Time Machine, system-wide performance is increased and a transfer rate of up to 1.2 Gbps is offered.


Apple is focused on speed in this event. On the Mac Mini side, it promised faster image processing, page transitions and significant speed in game performance.


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