Apple M1 processor better than 11th generation Intel Core


The M1 (Apple Silicon), a processor launched by Apple last year, surpassed the 11th generation Intel Core i7-11700K, and is now in second place in PassMark’s single thread performance ranking. The Apple chip has a current score of 3,550 points, while the Intel processor has 3,542 points.

The Apple M1 has four high-performance and four high-efficiency cores, with an architecture similar to Intel’s Lakefield hybrid technology. Even with the second place, it is unlikely that the M1 will reach the ranking champion, the Intel Core i9, which currently has 3,741 points. According to the website, thousands of benchmark results are used to arrive at the numbers.

Apple’s chip has high single-threaded performance, but it still has no chance of competing with multi-threaded processors. The launch of the M1X processor, however, may change this scenario.

Losing market

With the launch of the M1, Intel no longer has Apple on its list of light notebook customers. In response, the company started advertising on its social networks highlighting shortcomings of the new M1. In Twitter posts, Intel claims that only a PC can offer tablet mode. In addition, it published on YouTube, a direct comparison with an iMac.

At the beginning of the year, the brand released several benchmarks that showed that the 11th generation Core i7 processors were faster than the Apple processor. However, the tests were contested for using a dubious methodology.


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