Apple M1: Parallels with Microsoft to bring it to Macbooks


Recently we saw an adaptation that made Windows 10 ARM run on Macbooks with Apple M1, however now we have more information about a partnership between Parallels and Microsoft that is already testing Windows 10 emulations using Apple’s new proprietary chip with architecture ARM.

This is a news much expected for those who already own or still want to purchase a Macbook with M1 chip, after all the current version of Parallels Desktop does not allow the running of virtual machines on this new hardware from Apple.

According to Parallels a new version for ARM on Mac is already being developed through a change in the universal binary with optimizations in the virtualization code.

However, a major obstacle still hampered the development: the lack of a standard version of Windows 10 on ARM, which for now is only released for specific computers, so there is no universal Windows 10 for this type of application.

Fortunately, the vice president of OneDrive has already stated that he sent a version of Windows 10 on ARM in a Twitter post, which will certainly speed up the development of Parallels for Macs ARM.

The new version of Parallels Desktop should be released first to subscribers of the application, but it is already possible to try the novelty by signing up for the beta preview at the link below


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