Apple M1 disassembled MacBook Pro and Air!


The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which appeared at the launch of November 10 with the Apple M1 processor, were disassembled by the iFixit team. The interior design is not very different from last year’s MacBook Pro model, and on the MacBook Air side, we encountered an interesting difference.

MacBook Pro and Air with Apple M1 processor

Apple announced last year that it will come up with MacBook models equipped with ARM-based processors. So, how is the internal design of these computer models, which have the first ARM-based processor in the technology world?

The iFixit team opened up the computers to both answer this question and examine the interior design of the new M1 processor MacBook Pro and Air model. The new MacBook Pro and Air are not much different from last year’s Intel processor models in terms of interior design.

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In this sense, the MacBook Pro is not much different from the Intel processor model in terms of cooling. A copper tube cooling mechanism has been added that takes the heat away from the processor for cooling only. However, in terms of cooling, a different path has been taken in the MacBook Air model, which uses the Apple M1 processor.

When the inside of the case is opened, it becomes clear that there is no fan for cooling the processor. In the latest performance tests, Apple M1 processors, which are far ahead of Intel processor models, make a big difference in terms of heating. Apple, on the other hand, relied on this and at least did not include a fan among the MacBook Air model design elements.

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For cooling, Apple uses an aluminum heat spreader. For this reason, the MacBook Air with Apple M1 processor can be expected to cool later. However, it should be reminded that in the performance tests, despite all the overloads, the Air model using the M1 processor did not experience heat.

So, do you think it is a negative feature that the MacBook Air model with Apple M1 processor does not have a fan? We are waiting your comments.


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