Apple M1 disassembled Mac mini! Here is the processor


Apple M1 Mac mini appeared with both its processor and other parts. The graphics performance of this model, whose processor performance is improved 3 times, is 6 times more efficient than the previous Mac models.

The Apple M1 is built on a chip that houses 16 billion transistors. When we look at the software side, macOS Big Sur welcomes us. You can click on the link below to get information about the prices of the Mac mini, which is also available in our country.

Apple M1 with Mac mini processor

A video content producer named Brandon Geekabit said the M1 processor takes up less space than the processors used in older models. The footprint of processors manufactured by Intel and the footprint of processors made by Apple are striking.

Mac mini has fewer ports named Thunderbolt. Gigabit Ethernet technology is not available on this model and users cannot update the Mac mini’s memory.

Apple M1 Mac mini işlemcisi

We will see together how successful this portable device will be, which is released with important features such as external display support, Wi-Fi 6 technology and high speed file transfer. Apple, which makes the Mac Mini 5 times faster, embarked on this adventure with its 16-core Neural Engine.

If you wish, let’s not extend the word further and leave you with the relevant video. What do you think of the Apple M1 Mac mini?

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