Apple M1: Apple chip will be produced by Samsung


Even though they are intense rivals in the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung may close a deal soon for the South Korean to partially assume the manufacture of the new Apple processor. The information is from the Business Korea website, which sees trading as having a good chance of happening.

The situation is only this because the manufacturer initially contracted to produce the processors, TSMC, may not be able to meet all the company’s demand. Much of Taiwan’s structure to produce chips with 5 nm architecture is already allocated to Apple itself, but for the iPhone 12 smartphone family.

And the demand for Apple is not small: it must outsource mass production of the M1, the first ARM chip for Macs and already present in three models recently announced by the brand, as well as the next generations of iPhone’s own processors (currently in the A14 generation ).

Long story

Thus, the other viable alternative that uses the same 5 nm architecture on a large scale is Samsung – which is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, but had not closed a contract with its rival in five years. In 2016, it was officially replaced by TSMC.

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