Apple loses nearly $ 180 billion after stock market crash


A sharp drop in the New York stock exchanges that occurred last Thursday (3) was reflected in the devaluation of several technology giants, and Apple was one of the most affected, having lost almost US $ 180 billion of market value in a single day, the biggest historical brand of any company. The Apple closed down 8.01%, but even so, it was nowhere near the $ 2 trillion mark.

In addition to it, Facebook ended with 3.76% less, Amazon fell 4.63% and Netflix closed with contraction of 4.90%. Finally, Alphabet (Google) fell 5.12% and Microsoft fell 6.19%.

In general, at the close of sessions, the Nasdaq index fell 4.96%, while the Dow Jones fell 2.78% and the S&P 500 yielded 3.51%.

The results were attributed to the repositioning of investors before the release of the report on the labor market in the United States and the first negatives since March, the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, which, despite harming practically all sectors of the economy, benefited such companies.

In the case of Apple, it was the biggest percentage drop since 3/16, when its shares fell 12.9%,


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