Apple Lends iPhone XR To Customers In Repair Cases


Apple and authorized service providers will offer the iPhone XR as a replacement device for longer US repairs. The information was found in an internal brand document obtained by MacRumors.

Currently, the manufacturer offers the iPhone 8 to AppleCare+ customers and subscribers in this situation. However, as of November 4, 2021, the company will change the loan facility.

The document states that the rule for borrowing the iPhone XR is not limited to the US. According to Apple’s official website, customers in Australia, Canada, France, Spain and Mexico will also have access to the benefit.

As a result, if the manufacturer determines that a consumer’s iPhone will be sent to a service center, the person can order a replacement device. Upon notification of completion of repair, the device must be returned within 14 days.

Unfortunately, big tech’s action for replacement cell phones in case of repairs is not valid for Brazil. Therefore, it is important to know how the brand’s warranty policy works for products launched in the country.

Benefit upgrade

A year younger than the iPhone 8, the iPhone XR introduces users to more modern features. Powered by the A12 Bionic processor, the 6.1-inch LCD display device brings features such as Face ID and 12MP camera.

That way, using the device borrowed from Apple won’t be such a bad experience. Although considered old, the model manages to meet the main needs of the customer until the main cell phone is fixed.