Apple Launches New iOS and iPadOS 15 Beta For Developers


This Tuesday (17), Apple began distributing the new test version of iOS and iPadOS 15, initially exclusively for developers. Also called “Beta 6”, the update is being released gradually and may take some time to reach all registered users of the company’s program.

When considering the official release forecast of the new version of iOS and iPadOS, in the last quarter of this year, it is possible to assume that its testing phase is nearing its end. At this stage, changes tend to be more discrete and focused on the reliability of the system and its overall performance, leaving large changes and resources for future releases.

This feature, in particular, can be seen in the latest test version, which didn’t receive big news for users in its changelog. Perhaps the most relevant change found is in Safari, which will now allow you to choose the placement of your address bar.

Similarly, Apple’s event history also suggests that the release of the official version of iOS and iPadOS 15, as well as other new developments, is just around the corner. The company usually carries out its main advertisements in the month of September, during the end of the first fortnight. This year, as suggested by the Mac World website, it is possible that the presentation will take place on the 14th of next month — however, it is noteworthy that the expectation is about speculation, even if well founded.

For the most anxious users, it is still recommended to wait for the official release of iOS and iPadOS 15 to the public, as their trial versions can present persistent problems in performance and in their usage experience.


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