Apple Launches Mac Pro’s Wheels Almost for the iPhone SE Price


Apple launches its new accessories for Mac Pro, which it announced recently. The wheels used to move the computer case and the foot kit used to hold the Mac Pros with wheels.

The Mac Pro models, announced by the US-based technology giant Apple a few months ago, have been on the agenda of the world for a long time. So much so that this computer can be called unique in terms of its design, hardware features and price. Those who wanted could order the Mac Pro on wheels but Mac Pro’s wheels were externally available for sale.

The wheels that Apple makes available for Mac Pro are at least as interesting as the Mac Pro itself. To be clear, if you decide to buy a Mac Pro and want to move this computer case, you will have to pay a very serious price. It is also very serious …

If you want to buy wheels for Mac Pro
Apple states that the wheel kits that it released yesterday are made of rubber and stainless steel material, and this product gives Mac Pro movement.

Another Mac Pro accessory Apple has released is the foot kit. This kit makes your Mac Pro stand only. Expressing that a standard Mac Pro already comes with this kit, Apple says that Mac Pros purchased on wheels will remain stable through this kit.


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