Apple Launches iOS 14.6 With New Features for Podcasts and AirTags


Apple: IOS 14.6 was officially released by Apple on Monday (24). The update brings news such as support for the new podcast platform and improvements in relation to the AirTags tracker system.

Along with iOS 14.6, the brand also made iPadOS 14.6 available. Interested parties can update the devices using the following path: go to the “Settings”> “General” app and then select “Software Update”.

One of the main new features of iOS 14.6 is support for Apple Podcast, a channel subscription platform with access to premium content. Apple Music also received an update with Lossless audio and Space Sound options.

Improving the use of AirTags, the Buscar app has gained a new option that allows you to add an email instead of a phone number. Thus, the tracker will show the partially hidden owner number when it is scanned by someone else.

In terms of accessibility, iOS 14.6 has improved the Voice Control feature and now makes it possible to use it to unlock the iPhone after restarting the device. Something that will facilitate the daily lives of many users.

Available in the US only, the recent update brought support for the Apple Card Family that lets you share the Apple Card with up to five people. The functionality will help American families manage expenses and expenses.

Bug fixes

IOS 14.6 fixed bugs from the previous version of the operating system. For example, an unlock failure via the Apple Watch was fixed after the user clicked on the option to lock the iPhone with the smart watch.

Another problem solved was that of bluetooth devices that disconnect or send audio to a different gadget during a call. Finally, the bug that reduced the phone’s performance during startup was fixed.


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