Apple launches gift cards that can be used with the service


Like other tech giants, Apple also sells gift cards for you to offer to friends or special people. However, the company separated the cards by category, with some valid only for physical stores and others for online sales.

This ends up causing a series of confusions and mistakes. Thinking about organizing things, the Cupertino giant this week announced a “universal” gift card. Thus, it will be valid for purchases in the iTunes / App Store or even in the company’s physical stores.

This gift card does it all. Products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud and more. And a few more things, says Apple on the product page.

Apple also explains that the new gift cards work the same as the previous ones. Thus, it is possible to choose a predefined amount (US $ 25, US $ 50 or US $ 100) or even add a specific amount.

In addition to introducing a new product to the market, Apple renewed the design of the cards. There are eight different models with colorful Apple logos in the digital version and five in the physical variants.

For now, the novelty is only available to consumers in the United States. So far, Apple has not commented on the launch of the new cards in other markets. Anyway, it shouldn’t be long before the novelty is made available in Europe and even in Brazil.

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