Apple Launches Free Repair Program for 3rd Gen iPad Air


Apple has determined that there is a sudden and permanent error on the 3rd Gen iPad Air 3 device. Thereupon, he started a repair program to prevent the users from being victimized. With this program, users will have their devices repaired free of charge.

Sometimes, Apple can start repair programs for these devices if it decides to have a problem with your devices. In these repair programs, users go to the nearest authorized store and leave their devices for repair.

Apple launched a repair program for the 3rd Gen iPad Air, which was announced last year. The company also said that they will do this repair due to the whiteness error on the screen. This error on iPad 3 can sometimes be permanent. This issue only exists on iPad Air 3s sold between March 2019 and October 2019.

Apple decided that suddenly a permanent white screen occurred on a number of 3rd Gen iPad Air devices. A short flash or slight light occurs before this screen occurs.

If you have iPad 3 and you have the same problem on your device, you can go to the nearest Apple Store or Authorized Apple stores for free support. But if the screen of your iPad Air 3 is broken, your broken screen needs to be repaired before fixing the display problem. Except for this problem, you will have to pay for screen problems from your own pocket. The repair program will be valid for 2 years from the day your device is purchased. In addition, iPad 3 users purchased on the specified dates will be able to join this program free of charge from all over the world.

Apple recently created a repair program for Smart Battery Cases, which are cases that can charge the phone, sold for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR. Users who charge the case intermittently or who do not charge their phone can benefit from this program.


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