Apple Launches First Educational Workshops on YouTube


Apple released this Wednesday (14) its first episode of the sessions “Today at Apple”, or “Today at Apple” in free translation, on its YouTube channel. The class, a little over ten minutes, teaches you how to draw a Peanuts character using the Pages app on the iPad Pro.

The workshops began in 2017 and were held at Apple’s physical stores, with the aim of teaching customers how to use their products to the fullest extent possible and in creative ways. With the pandemic, Apple started to conduct sessions virtually through Cisco Webex — meeting application.

In the first class available on YouTube, we followed Anthony, an Apple creative employee, and The Snoopy Show storyboard artist Krista Porter, who use the same Pages document to teach users how to draw themselves as one of the characters in the series. The video also features the appearance of showrunner Mark Evasaff, who talks about the exclusiveness of the design on AppleTV+.

The new format loses some of the characteristics of the old sessions as it does not have the active participation of the public, despite being a great opportunity for those who did not know about “Today at Apple” to have access to the content. Even with the opening of physical stores since March this year, Apple has announced that it will release more episodes like this in the future.


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