Apple launches “Apple for kids” portal


Apple today added a new ” Apple for Kids ” portal to its support website . It offers parents a one-stop-shop to embed their kids on Apple devices, services and platforms and manage their use

Apple provides security thanks to the portal it developed!

Many users experience various problems with the technological devices they buy for their children. This section is for managing your family group and solving problems such as your child forgetting their password . It also includes problems such as children accidentally buying something from the store. This developed service includes quick links to solve such general problems. It also allows you to solve these problems.

Further down the page, it includes a setup subsection that guides adults right if you want to set up Family Sharing or put a child user on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac . It also includes details on how to do many setups using Family Setup .

Users over the age of 13 in the US can also find links showing how to update their Apple ID date of birth. Apple recommends that parents fix it if the information of a user under the age of 13 is incorrect. Inaccurate information can easily be corrected by parents. A family member can take care of this by contacting Apple Support . This situation may vary depending on the country and region. (age limit and usage)

Parents can also see information on how the ” Ask to Buy ” option works later on the page. This option developed takes the parents’ permission when their children make any purchases . It provides this permission from the Family Organizer. The last subsection introduces ways to block in-app purchases for kids. It also introduces ways to set limits with screen time and use parental controls on a child’s device. This feature provides convenience for small users to want to play unlimited games.

This portal will provide both convenience and security to many families. Especially the ” Ask to Buy ” platform frees users from many responsibilities. In other countries where age restrictions vary, this may also differ. The comments that users will make as a result of experiencing this new portal are a matter of curiosity.


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