Apple Launches A Way To Make Money By Making Podcasts


Apple Podcasts subscription system launched. The Podcast subscription system, which Apple announced a while ago and postponed its launch to make it better, is finally available.

Apple Podcasts has officially launched Apple Podcasts subscriptions, which gives creators and podcasters the opportunity to get support from their fans and listeners through monthly subscriptions.

Apple Podcasts subscription system launched

Apple announced the new service during its event in April and announced that it plans to launch it shortly. However, the company later decided to delay its launch to ensure that the “best experience” was given.

The good news came today, and now listeners can get an ad-free listening experience with bonus content by purchasing a monthly subscription for their favorite shows. All subscriptions made through the platform will be subject to Apple 30 percent commission rule.

Meaning creators will only get 70 percent of the subscriptions users pay for. Additionally, if users subscribe to a podcast and wish to use a third-party podcast client, they will not be able to access the subscription’s privileges.

Apple Podcast subscriptions also enable podcast creators and users to create Channels, a collection of different shows on a single page.


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