Apple is working on a new MagSafe


Apple is working on a battery pack accessory that can be connected wirelessly to the iPhone 12 using the MagSafe system, according to a report released by Bloomberg on Friday.

New battery pack to join MagSafe accessories

As you may remember, Apple introduced MagSafe chargers and accessories as part of the iPhone 12 series last October. The battery pack, reportedly in development for at least a year, will join a range of magnetic MagSafe accessories such as cases, chargers, mounts and wallets attached to the back of the iPhone 12.

It is stated that the MagSafe battery pack will only provide additional charging and will not include a full protective disguise function like previous iPhone battery attachments. In addition, some prototypes of the accessory are made out of white rubber, according to Bloomberg.

Additionally, Bloomberg notes that the development of the battery pack is slowing down due to software issues and other issues. Therefore, there is a possibility that the accessory will experience delay or not be released at all.

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