Apple is trying to lower the price of iPhone 12!


Remarks about Apple’s new iPhone 12 models continue to come up. Recently, an important statement about the price of the iPhone 12 came up. As it turns out, Apple is seriously looking for ways to lower production costs.

iPhone 12 price will drop with battery change

First of all, Apple is preparing to sell the iPhone 12 model with 5G support this year. It is also among the details from the sector that the costs of the hardware used in 5G supported smart phone models are increased. At this point, it was stated that Apple recently took remarkable measures.

According to the statements, Apple is making a significant change in the design of the battery to be used in order to avoid a serious increase in the price of the iPhone 12. It is claimed that a transition to a less layered structure will be made, and a design will be made based on placing the battery cells in a much smaller area.

According to the details announced by Ming-chi Kuo, one of the important names in Apple leaks, this change by Apple will be more appropriate at rates ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent compared to the iPhone 11 battery costs.

It is also stated that this new battery design will not be limited to use only in new generation iPhone models. As it is understood, the newly designed battery is preparing to be used in the new generation AirPods models by Apple. This means that Apple will experience a significant decrease in the production costs of iPhone 12 and AirPods.

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Finally, there are currently no clear estimates of prices. New developments will continue to occur regarding the iPhone 12 models, which are expected to be introduced in October.


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