Apple Is The Best-Selling Mobile Phone Brand In Q4 2021


Apple: With the iPhone 13 pulling sales, Apple took back the leadership of the smartphone market in the last quarter of 2021. The information, released this Tuesday (18) by the technology sector analysis company Canalys, points to Apple as responsible for 22% of worldwide sales in Q4 2021, closely followed by Samsung with a 20% share. Xiaomi, with 12%, maintained its third place

Speaking specifically of the iPhone 13, whose performance he called “stellar”, Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia said that the Apple flagship had an unparalleled performance in mainland China, even practicing aggressive prices for its devices. The North American giant’s strategy, according to the analyst, is to maintain a value proposition linked to product design and the classic user experience.

The impact of the supply chain on sales

According to Chaurasia, Apple’s achievement can be considered even more remarkable when one considers that the company was forced to stop its production precisely in the fourth quarter of the year, due to the shortage of some key components. This means that not enough iPhone 13s were made to meet the demand. But, for the analyst, Apple’s supply chain is already showing signs of recovery.

Supply chain issues weren’t unique to Apple. The lack of components ended up being reflected in the growth of just 1% in global smartphone sales.

According to Canalys vice president of mobility, Nicole Peng, the biggest impact were the cheaper device providers. While component manufacturers are ramping up production, Peng believes that “bottlenecks won’t ease until the second half of 2022.”