Apple is testing two prototypes with foldable screens!


The giant Apple is said to be testing two prototypes of the folding screen iPhone! We give you more details.

Apple is reportedly testing two prototypes of foldable-screen iPhones!

The fashion for foldable phones seems to be back. After Samsung and its Galaxy Z Flip, now is Apple’s turn.

In fact, the firm is reportedly working on a new model of iPhone with a foldable screen. According to the Taiwanese site Economic Daily News, Apple is testing two prototypes.

Indeed, two models of the folding screen iPhone are reportedly being tested at one of Foxconn’s factories in Shenzhen. In fact, these two devices have already passed the durability tests.

This indeed ensures that they can be used on a daily basis. Which is already a good start for Apple. The test also includes seeing if the screen survives 100,000 openings and closings.


What would this new iPhone look like? The first would be a two-screen model. These seem to be articulated around a hinge.

But according to Jon Prosser, a serial leaker with the right percentage of success, the two screens are close enough to give the impression of being united. A good start !

The second iPhone model would have a clamshell shape, therefore with a flap. It will therefore look more like Appleā€™s competitor’s Galaxy Z Flip.

This information confirms certain rumors and leaks dating from last September. Apple had indeed ordered a large number of screens from Samsung.

A major supplier of tiles, the Korean giant is also one of the pioneers in the field. After him, we find some Chinese giants.

They have also been trying their hand at producing folding-screen smartphones for some time. Apple, for its part, seemed to keep its distance from this new trend.

Looks like the firm has changed its mind. We will have to wait until 2022 or 2023 to discover its new models. Case to be continued.


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