Apple Is Sued For Defective Watch Series Watch Battery


Apple is being accused of hiding a “dangerous defect” in the Apple Watch that could harm the user. This is what the authors of a lawsuit against the brand that began on Thursday (9), in a federal court in San Francisco, in the United States, claim.

According to the process, the Apple smart watch has a defect in its lithium battery capable of causing the screen to crack or break, which could injure the user in certain situations. This is due to a propensity to bloat exhibited by the component that powers the wearable.

In the complaint signed by five people, it is reported that the Apple Watch does not have enough space to allow the battery to swell, increasing the possibility that the aforementioned failures will occur. The problem represents a “material and irrational risk to consumer safety”, says the text.

The authors also claim that the Cupertino giant is aware of the defect of the swollen batteries in the smartwatch, despite denying the fact. Another data included in the process is that the flaw is present in the first to sixth generation of the wearable, but it seems to have been fixed in the Watch Series 7, released this year.

Injured people

Trying to prove the risks caused by the Apple Watch battery defect, the lawsuit includes testimonies of people who would have been injured because of it. There’s even a photo of a deep wound on the arm of one of the plaintiffs, allegedly caused by a broken watch screen.

The lawsuit seeks damages from smartwatch owners affected by the error and asks the company to be required to disclose the “defective nature of the Apple Watch.” Big tech has yet to comment on the case.

It is worth remembering that the company has already been the target of other similar processes, one of them also linking the swelling of the batteries to the defect, which ended up being closed by the plaintiff.