Apple Is Sued By Nearly 20 Million IPhone And IPad Owners


Apple may face a major class action lawsuit in the UK. On behalf of almost 20 million iPhone and iPad owners, the lawsuit alleges that the 30% commission on App Store purchases violates the competition laws of the country and Europe.

The case, if approved by the UK Competition Appeal Court (CAT), will seek compensation of up to £ 1.5 billion – about R $ 11 billion in conversion. Thus, 19.6 million users would be eligible for compensation.

The case was referred to CAT by Dr. Rachael Kent, a specialist in digital economics at the University of London. Thus, the occurrence is a “representative collective action”.

This is a category of complaint filed on behalf of a group of people without the need for their authorization. It then includes all individuals who have made any purchases on the British App Store since October 1, 2015.

According to the case description, purchases must have been made on iPhone or iPad devices. However, it does not include apps that provide “physical goods or services that will be consumed outside the software” – such as Uber and delivery apps.

Action informs that it is the customers who seek compensation, not the developers. However, the text includes “restrictive terms that Apple imposes on creators” as one of the ways that the company allegedly violates competition law.


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