Apple is stuck in the corner: must take a step back!


Apple is currently known for completely different events outside of its popular devices. Apple, which has problems with China-based companies due to the policies of the US administration, does not fall off the agenda. Apple, which caused tension to rise when Epic Games deleted its game Fortnite, on the other hand, was having trouble with WeChat. For those who don’t know, WeChat is a versatile messaging app with over 1 billion users in China, although it is used worldwide. What about the Apple WeChat ban, why did the company back down?

The last point reached on the Apple WeChat ban

The US administration has declared war on many of the China-based practices. As such, US-based companies are also affected by these decisions. Appealing to significant users around the world, Apple is among the companies affected by these bans and wars.

Recently, WeChat, which is very popular in China and is China’s WhatsApp with over 1 billion users, came to the fore with the ban. More precisely, the deletion of Apple’s application has come up. As such, Apple users in China rebelled against the situation.

Many media platforms reported the situation and attracted attention. WeChat is defined as a versatile application that users not only use for messaging but also use social media and mobile payments.

After these discussions, a survey was conducted on Weibo, China’s popular microblogging site, with more than 1 million participants. In the survey, it turned out that if users cannot download WeChat from the App Store, Apple’s iOS-powered phone will not benefit them, 95 percent said they will change their phones.

Also after the publication of this survey, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that if Apple had to remove WeChat from the App Store, global iPhone sales would drop by 25 percent or 30 percent. This is something Apple will never want.

Following these, according to a report in Bloomberg, it turned out that Apple will make a special privilege for WeChat in China and that it is not the case for now. It is obvious what this situation will be in the USA, but it is still possible to say that Apple is backing for the WeChat ban.


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