Apple is passed by Xiaomi! Here are the numbers


Recently, we see that the sales statistics of the brands for the third quarter of 2020 are on the agenda. The shared report for smartphone sales revealed a surprising result. In the smartphone market, Apple has been surpassed by Xiaomi. The biggest brand in the phone market has not changed again and the title of the best-selling smartphone brand remained with Samsung.

While Samsung was again the leader in the smartphone market, Apple declined!

While things were going well in the tablet market on the Apple side, we can say that the situation was the opposite for the smartphone. Apple, the third brand with the largest share in the smartphone market, lost its place and fell to fourth place. Apple, which had a 13 percent market share in the same quarter of last year, dropped to 11.8 percent in this quarter, when it sold a total of more than 41 million phones. Xiaomi, on the other hand, increased its market share from 9.1 percent to 13.1 percent and took third place.

The best-selling smartphone brand title was again Samsung. In fact, the company increased both its sales figures and its size in the market share. The company sold more than 80 million smartphones in total and increased its market share to 22.7 percent. You can also see these statistics in the table below.

Apple Xiaomi akıllı telefon satışları

Huawei was the brand that followed Samsung. In fact, the brand that was at the top of this report for a period; It sold more than 51 million phones in total and its market share was at the level of 14.7 percent.


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